Consulting Solutions
Joanne L. Smikle, PhD has worked in the field of organizational development since 1989. She specializes in Leadership Development, Customer Satisfaction and Collaboration/Team Building. She offers a full range of customized interventions: consulting, training, organizational analysis (surveys, focus groups, interviews), executive coaching and facilitation. Joanne's clients benefit greatly from her understanding of the principles and best
practices of comprehensive organizational development, particularly her mastery of the processes required to systematically address issues impacting performance and productivity.

There are three principles that guide Joanne's consulting work:
1.  Properly aligned organizations build intentional congruence that
     begins with competent, committed leaders.
2.  Collaboration breeds the creativity and commitment that ensure
     retention of the finest talent at all levels of the enterprise.
3.  There is no element of the company as valuable as the human
     element---the people who fulfill the promise.

Each organization is different and yet there are similarities that transcend industries. Joanne crafts a unique approach for each client. You know you will benefit from her consulting services if---

  Processes, systems and services do not reflect alignment with
   organizational strategy
  Your business model is outdated
  Performance and productivity are waning or inconsistent
  You want to build cohesiveness among functional units
  Strategy is neither clearly communicated nor understood throughout the
  You want to create an environment where innovation can flourish
  Customer complaints are chronic and constant
  Employee dissatisfaction is evident in the revolving door of recruitment and
  You want a methodical framework for maximizing management proficiency
  Your organization is unsuccessful adapting to market demands and
    customer needs
  The external environment is changing but your business isn't keeping up

Joanne's passion for organizational development is evident in her approach to consulting.  She does not subscribe to one-shot, short-sighted approaches. Instead she works with clients to develop long-term plans that systematically create alignment between strategy and operations. Joanne's goal is to create sustainable, positive culture change that benefits the company long after she is gone.

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