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Joanne moves minds with informative, engaging keynotes, workshops and retreats. She designs learning that lasts---participants get tools that they readily use! Her approach to learning is interactive rather than didactic. She uses case studies, assessments and experiential learning to maximize the impact and value of her services.

Focus on What Matters NOW 
It’s time to shed the tired clichés and excuses for mediocre performance! Turbulence, change and economic ups and downs are nothing new. Savvy leaders know that opportunities exist in the midst of turbulence and scarcity. The real challenge is to lead forward. Strategic positioning is your primary responsibility! It is up to you to be forward-focused and to redirect the entire enterprise.

This session presents ideas you can immediately implement to maximize available resources, capitalize on collaboration and play to your strengths. This session provides tools you can use to problem solve more effectively and replicate winning strategies for sustainable success. Exceptional leaders know how important it is to pivot and see their environments through clean lenses. Shift your gaze away from the rearview mirror and lead forward--- that’s where the opportunities lie!

Appreciative Inquiry:
Tools for Transforming the Enterprise 
This interactive workshop introduces a model for using Appreciative Inquiry to get measurable, lasting results for the leader, the team and the organization. Participants will have the opportunity to apply the elements of AI to their dilemmas and develop transformational strategies that they will be able to immediately apply. The facilitator will introduce Dr. David Coopperrider’s 4-D Model and the 5 Generic Processes. Both tools can be adapted to address issues ranging from productivity to work process redesign, to specific performance management issues with staff to raising the bar on innovation and creativity in the enterprise. Case studies, assessments and simulations will be used to teach participants how they can apply and modify the model to create sustainable transformations. Finally, the session addresses practical considerations and cautions that leaders should consider when applying AI.

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Connectivity---Gadgets Won’t Get It! Engagement Will!
You have tech tools that give you instant access and immediate information, but do they really help you engage on an enduring, human level? Probably not! This highly interactive session provides leaders with powerful techniques for building sustainable connections that will give an organization a competitive advantage. Learn how to engage other leaders in making strategy stick. Learn how to deliver compelling communication about the requisite alignment between strategy and operations. Learn how to get a greater ROI by fully engaging every stakeholder in the enterprise.

Lead With Your Strengths…and WIN! 
This high energy session introduces the core concepts of strength-based leadership. Participants will learn how to identify and tap their innate personal power. They will get practical tools for getting beyond deficit-based thinking so that they can master the art of playing to their strengths. The session also introduces core competencies required to instill confidence and trust. Participants will leave with a clear understanding of what it takes to use their innate gifts to inspire collaboration, commitment and cooperation. Based on the principles of Emotional Intelligence and Appreciative Inquiry, this high-substance session provides tools for transforming leaders at all levels.

This session provides tools that leaders need to build relationships that connect people to processes, customers to the company. Learn how to implement communication planning tools that fill the information gaps in your organization. Learn how to create sustainable human connections that cross functions and levels so that you can leverage limited resources and deliver sustainable outcomes.

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Her most popular presentations include…

Coaching for Peak Performance
Managing the human element---the people who get the job done---is the toughest, most rewarding job a leader can do! One of the essential leadership skills is coaching. Coaching is a tool that can almost guarantee peak performance. Peak performance ensures customer satisfaction, employee loyalty and revenue generation. Coaching is the essential, though sometimes most elusive, leadership competency. Consistently and correctly used, it guarantees peak performance. This presentation is packed with powerful tools that enable leaders to coach for maximum productivity! Make it a part of your company’s management education!

The Critical Link Between Strategy & Operations

Coordination within any enterprise requires Herculean effort. There are endless demands from scattered, diverse business units. There are technical realities and limitations. On top of that, the support structures and resources never seem quite adequate. But, that’s not the end of the challenges; stockholder and stakeholder pressures dictate the highest level of accountability. All of these competing demands call for the realignment of operational goals so that they reflect strategic objectives.  What are the talents leaders need to make this realignment happen? What are the competencies that promote this type of congruity? Most important, how can leaders be savvy enough to make alignment real? This session answers those questions!

Leading the 7 Dwarves…
It’s Tougher Than You Think

You think Snow White ran off with a handsome prince? Not so! She got sick and tired of trying to lead those darn dwarves to peak productivity. The dissension, discord and devilment got the best of her! This insightful presentation takes the mystery out of leading even the most cantankerous characters. You’ll easily identify with Snow White’s struggles to build and maintain a cohesive core of comrades able to create the fairy tale organization. You’ll get techniques for creating meaningful connections between people, processes and products.

The Gifts of Leadership:
Leaving a Lasting Legacy

What, exactly, does staff want from senior leadership? What are their expectations from the people who occupy those coveted chairs in the executive conference room? Certainly they want more than business acumen, polish and sophistication. And, they have to want more than the ability to execute brilliant strategy and deliver convincing public relations. This informative session introduces the five gifts that augment leadership: Authorship, Significance, Balance, Competence and Respect.  

Value-Driven Leadership:

Emotional Intelligence in Practice
Do core values guide your business decisions? Are your values consistent with those of your company? Do you consistently communicate the connection between values and actions to your staff? This session, designed for reflective leaders, focuses on integrating the components of emotional intelligence to create a value-driven organization.

Calamity-Free Collaboration:
Making Teamwork WORK!

This high-energy session addresses the competencies required to create collaboration between various coalitions and factions. Participants will become familiar with the conditions that foster effective collaboration, as well as the cautions. They will learn specific communication strategies that enable bridge building. Participants will get tools for assessing the viability of current team activities, team leaders and team members. They will also get tools for jump-starting the performance and productivity of existing workgroups.

Seeding & Weeding:
Successful Strategies for Growing Leaders

Whether they work in the service lane, the sales floor or in the back office---every employee needs opportunities for growth. Because skillful leadership raises the bar on performance and productivity in every area of the enterprise, it is essential that your organization creates systems for growing people. Based on the four components of Emotional Intelligence, this session provides tools for fostering growth. This high-energy presentation introduces a comprehensive process for leadership development. You will learn how to identify promising talent and provide them with tools for enhancing their potential. You will also get tools for addressing lackluster performance so that even your most marginal employees can realize their latent potential. And, when all else fails, you will learn how to weed the worse out so that the best can flourish. The session is enhanced by case studies, assessments and other interactive techniques.

Coaching Institute
This educational series is designed to support a comprehensive approach to performance management. The interconnected courses enable managers and supervisors to refine their capacity to coach and counsel. The series begins with an assessment of current coaching competencies. Fundamentals of coaching are then introduced in an interactive workshop. Participants will learn how to track and monitor their use of the coaching competencies with the Coaching Log and other tools. Upon mastery of the basic competencies, participants will move to refining their ability to have difficult coaching conversations. Finally, they will have opportunities to simulate a variety of coaching and counseling situations. This program is interactive and experiential by design. It is customized to the unique needs of each client organization. Pre-reading, between session assignments and workplace application of principles enable participants to master coaching competencies.
Session 1: Analysis of Coaching Competencies
Session 2: Coaching Process Basics

Session 3: Coaching Conversations
Session 4: Coaching by the Book

Improvement, Innovation & Ingenuity:
Jump-Starting Spectacular Performance

This high-energy session focuses on using the three “I’s” to catapult your organization into high performance. Participants will, through a variety of activities, understand the differences between Improvement, Innovation and Ingenuity. They will also learn the role that each plays in positioning an organization for long-term success. Participants will get practical strategies for incorporating each of the “I’s” in the work of their departments and the entire organization. This session introduces the Obstacles to Innovation. More importantly, participants will learn how to get beyond those obstacles. They will also have several opportunities to generate ideas for fostering and sustaining a creative spirit in the workplace. This is the presentation for any and every leader who is looking for ways to reduce stagnation and complacency!

Other popular topics…
Developing Internal Consultants
Making Leaders Learners: Executive Coaching Skills for HR Practitioners

Building a Mission-Driven Organization
Making Strategy Stick: Rhetoric to Reality!
Catch ‘Em & Keep ‘Em: Earning Customer Loyalty from the 1st Encounter

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